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03 May 2015

Sunday Share 3. 5.15

Few pages from various sketchbooks this week, just showing the same idea.

When I buy new paints or threads, I make a little sample chart in my sketchbook.  To be honest it would be better if I'd taken note of what I'm doing and kept them all in the same book, but hey - brains, intelligence and all that.

I started doing this kind of thing right at the beginning of the C&G studies.  I can remember clearly my first Preparing Working Design topic (hated it, had changed my mind, as I often did when someone else in the class picked the same idea as me)  So here I was faced with a green plant.  I must have been asked to consider how many shades of green it had, because the result was me emptying out drawers and boxes etc to find every single green pen, pencil, paint I could lay my hands on and making a colour list of them.
For C&G I kept a little paint book, given that many paints were new to me, like interference colours, and texture mediums..
In this book I applied what has come to be known via him indoors as, Beverley Logic.  ie no proof, evidence, understanding, just me saying well, this is water based, and this is water based, so, two must mixed together....
So this is what we have in the image above, strong water colour horizontanlly, and fancy named acrylics vertically, see how the colours change.

So I also apply this kind of template to other things I buy...

A little square of the paint colour and a mini stitch test of the threads.

I attending a talk years and years back, by Leslie Morgan and I've never forgotten one thing she said.  Don't forget a single strand of thread will look very different from the mass on the reel.  I know, obvious hey?  Well it wasn't until she said it....
These threads in the photos were new to me, as in variegated thread which a short colour change, think its only an inch.  Being me of course couldn't possibly believe that was true, so have to have a little stitch out to see.

I try to make my little record sheets as soon as.  Even if I don't use a product right away, I can alway remember I have it noted and know what it looks like.

Mhmm, I will have to investigate taking them out of the various sketchbooks and collating - but I suspect something on the reverse will have to be sacrificed.


Diane Kelsey said...

A plan of action that never gets to be executed in my house.

Emma said...

Wow, now that's the correct, sensible way to do things, & you'd even know what you had in your drawers before you looked!

Loved your colorful mono printing below (does anyone read instructions?!)