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10 May 2015

Sunday Share 10. 5.15

I was about to put the last sketchbook back on the shelf, when I stopped to flick through it.  This sharing situation is obviously something I ought to have done before because its reminding me of techniques and things from the past.  I'm guessing this is around 2008, as that is the date on following pages.

So this time I stopped at this double spread.

The papers are various from my stash which may not be totally cream or white, from memory it included a very soft dusky pink and a beige, just part of a collection from when you buy a box of paper for £5.
They've been coloured with Brusho.  Slosh on the colours, red, blue, yellow, stack them up as you go and it all intermingles and mixes.  Leave in the pile to dry.  This is the result, marks and random pattern.

Having decided on paper as my USP a long time back, one of my self torments is should I stitch on paper as is, or is it OK to make it stronger with a support of some kind, ie would that be solving an issue or cheating?  Answer not yet decided upon.

It is possible to stitch on paper without any reinforcement of any kind, and that is a whole challenge of its own.

These samples were going back to my roots of learning dressmaking and challenging myself to stitch seams in paper.
Another reason why I stopped at this page flicking through, as I totally forgotten about these pages, and seams in paper have been on my mind a lot lately.

I did make something more creative

This is using one of these gorgeous packs of small pieces of handmade paper.  Never quite sure what to do with it, and so it remains in my sample box.

Wonder what memories and ideas will be found next week from exploring the past.

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chocolatefrog said...

That last sample looks very frameable!