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14 May 2015

Catch Up

Time for an update.  Though nothing to show you.  Truth is I've been knocked sideways by a head cold, sounds so simple and I've been absolutely taken aback that it really floored me.  But then I hear current bug is like that.  Unable to do anything, couldn't see half the time, and room spinning the rest!

I managed to send in a form re a future Exhibition with the ERTF.  Had my doubts I'd got that right, but a few days later response came in so, phew, did manage right email after all.  Few months to sort that one though.

As usual, I've got deadlines which all hit at the same time, ie mid June, after that, nothing til Sept.  So now I literally have to take the dust off the sewing machine, power it up with some super speedy juice and get cracking. Teach the cats how to make tea....  excuse for cute cat pics

Bandit, who is not allowed to sit up here on K's camera....

Spike, supervising work table, yes there is space for me here...

So off to The Material Girls this week, nice to see everyone and thrash out ideas and thoughts. or not.... 
Home and need to make a phone call re my Burnham Art Trail venue - can you come and see me tomorrow. OK, so nice drive out in the sunshine yesterday to have a meeting about allocated space. Gulp.  Here are my details:

click on for link to Trail map
Venue 13
Chapel Studio
Albert Road
Burnham on Crouch

You can find me there, stewarding on
All Day on Thursday 25th June
Afternoon of Sunday 28th June

Right, time to get on me thinks, puss puss  tea?

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