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20 May 2015

Matter over Mind - It Doesn't Matter!!

Well, so there I am, having designed another magnificent piece in my head.  It was full of vibrant colour, hot oranges, a touch of bright pink, flash of yellow, and set off with a sprinkling of black.  Brilliant, eye catching.  So how come what actually happened was this....

It goes from a dusky pink, through soft lilac to blue, and also has a lovely shade of peppermint green.  Its all turned out a bit, well, girly, when what was in my head was more rock chick!

It became even more off original thought process, which included dangling tassle like squares - hmmm they morphed into circles.
Obviously somewhere the wiring between the brain and the fingers got muddled up.  But may be original ideas will emerge another day.

In case you are wondering.... the papers are Gelli prints - the kind where you smoosh one Gelli into another to mix the colour, hence teeny flecks of other colour, but really good effect for blending shades.  The piece is also stitched with about 8 different threads to add to the colour graduation.

In the meantime another tick on my list - submission forms gone off for another event.


Emma said...

The idea of 'smooshing' really appeals to me! Just think, you have a 'girly' piece & the rock chick piece still there to come, lovely variety ;)

chocolatefrog said...

Hmm, think I prefer this colour scheme! I'll believe the rock chick one when I see it ;-)
Lovely subtle shades and I'll never know how you manage to stitch the papers so beautifully.