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24 May 2015

Sunday Share 24. 5.15

Well flicking through another Sketchbook, and thought, how utterly boring, lacking in colour on almost every page.  Put that one back, and fished out another.

Instead I found this, dated August 2002.

True, may be to you this is also boring, but to me its a pivotal sample.

I know exactly where I was when this was shown to me, and who shared it..  Post City & Guilds a group of us met once a month to continue our stitching together.  We became known as EsTA - Estuary Textile Artists,  in the main the companionship and sharing was our essence of existence.
The group lasted over 10 years, until numbers came down to just three, with our founder moving away.

So on one of the monthly meetings this technique was demonstrated, and I had a go and thought, wow this has so much potential.

Indeed it has, I've done so many variations of this, and continue to find others all the time.

This is just one of those.

I never expected to find something that interests me long term, and actually quite thought that those who stuck with the same old same old, were lacking in imagination!  However, from this original sample play, I still find new things in it and am still wanting to explore.  So I find its a technique I return to and always enjoy.
I've no idea of its proper name, but I have seen it in the quilting world, so I guess it comes from there, especially as the person who demonstrated it to me, is primarily a quilter.

There may be more of this, coming soon.....



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