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31 May 2015

Sunday Share - 31. 5.15

Well that's another week whizzing by....

From the sketchbook, we have this.

This just screams deliciousness at me, for all sorts of reasons.  Really love the green colour palette combo.  But this is all about having played with stitching paper together, why not cut holes in it!

I have made pieces which exploit this.

made in 2010

close up detail

More recently another technique from this sketchbook page, was put into use for the mini canvas/easel items for the last Material Girls exhibition.

Oh look its hearts, same as sketchbook, wonder why....

Its spooky muzak time again, (or is it really just in the subconscious and that's why I picked first image) - about to stitch some more holes!!!

I will try to be back with a posting during the week - but so much as to remain a secret, I'm going to have to find a way to tease.....



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