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07 June 2015

Sunday Share 7. 6.15

The pages this week are fairly recent, 2012, however the technique is not so new.  When I was at college we called it Counterchange.
Take a look.

About this.... its was inspired by a technique I saw by Alicia Merrett  - now I find myself continuously drawn to the world of quilters - but I have never ever made a quilt, was made to remake my quilting samples for City & Guilds Embroidery (yes I know Embroidery, but we had to do some quilting too) - my piecing was a smidge out and I had to do over.  Grrr.
I suspect its because I'm abstract minded, quilters like Alicia fit that concept,  the bright bold colours and shapes.

So I've done the above technique before, but this time I wanted to stitch it in a different way, using a twin needle, well if you can possibly look closer, you will see what a disaster that was.  I did not make a good job of the wiggles.  Perhaps I used the wrong size of needle - these days I have twin needles in many widths.

As you can see I have had better success with it, using other stitches.  Actually there is a blog post somewhere about this piece.  Essentially the handstitching was worked first, then it was cut up and joined together.  It was originally one long piece but I didn't like it, so chopped it up into "postcard" sizes.

Isn't it always the way, when working on one particular topic and method, the urge to do something else is a strong pull.  Another thing I ought to revisit, but not until end of June at the earliest.



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