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14 June 2015

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Today's post isn't about sketchbook keeping.... not in the manner usually considered.  But let's start with an image of mine.

This is a couple of pages of paint play.  Well a mix of paints, combined with embossing powders.

Right, as you know I don't do pretty sketchbooks, mentioned in previous posting.  Yesterday at my Embroiderers' Guild meeting, we had a guest speaker, Clive Barnett.  He took us through his work and inspiration, but importantly one of the first things he said was "I don't do sketchbooks" - there was an audible sigh of relief in the room.  This sketchbook lark has so many intimidated or just plain why?
Clive, has his ideas and inspiration and starting off point, but as he said he might record via photos, but he doesn't need to sketch as such or record in that manner because its all in his head and he's not trying to replicate what he's seen.  Big tick, liking this even more.  Although we didn't discuss, I expect he is a lot like me, in that what's in the head comes out in the fabric and threads, so why is there a need to trial it first in paints or drawings.

I think the biggest thing for me is someone actually out there saying this.  So much of college work or what you see at exhibition its almost a dirty word to say No, I don't do sketchbooks, with the imagery and pages of art in their own right.  At one time I felt a huge put down attitude because I didn't work like this, almost too embarrassed and scared to admit it.  So to have someone stand up in front of you and say they don't either, its such a relief and a welcome change, and proof you don't have to.  As Clive said, nothing wrong with lots of drawings and lovely pages, if that works for you.
I came away feeling really buoyed up by all of this.  Its also why I'm sharing my pages, because they are not pretty, they are information sheets, and importantly information for ME.  If they mean nothing to you, or are not exciting to you... well, sorry, that's the point, they are not actually for you!

But I wasn't done yet with Clive's thoughts.  He also spoke of mounting and framing work, and he had work mounted onto artist canvas.  Now I do this and have done so almost from the start. Sometimes I find it gets belittled.  For me however, very much as Clive said, its about expense. Why go to the expense of costly framing which would price it out of the market, or, as I've heard said... rather the frame/mount was a different colour.  Clive does mount in frames, behind glass, but buys from the nationwide outlets, as opposed to bespoke framers.  He said he carried out an experiment at his last exhibition, which would sell better, on canvas or behind glass.  Result, he sold an equal amount.
I've always felt that a purchaser can take my canvas mounts to their own framer and get it framed in colours/styles of their choice, but they are made as stand alone pieces.  Again, so nice to see someone else who thinks and works this way.

So... that's part of the reason for writing all of this, that may be someone, somewhere will realise the way they work is OK, they don't have to be something they are not, do it in a way which is not them. Obvious I know - but when all you see is people who work in a different way to you, or when you are studying and the tutor wants to see evidence all the time,  it can be hard to believe in yourself and go your own way.

I'm setting up my Art Trail work this week, and guess what - the wall pieces are on canvas!



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chocolatefrog said...

Whatever works for you is fine - great to be reminded now and then!