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18 June 2015

Its All Happening....

Busy busy busy.  Been flat out working on arty stuff.  Partially my own fault, but heavily influenced by not being 'with it' because of personal worries and the wretched cold which stuck around for almost six weeks, and completely knocked me sideways for two.

So... where were we then?

Well at our last meeting of The Material Girls, we needed to have our work completed to be photographed.  So last week, we arrived with bundles of gorgeous stuff, to oooh and aaah over.
I hope The Girls didn't think I sprung surprises with my work, one piece I'd made tests and trials for, and showed them the mock up sample, but then when I came to make the actual it morphed into something else, but does include previous try outs, so it was all there, just not in that order!
A n d    I may have made the largest piece of work I'll ever make, you will have to wait and see.
Can't reveal anything of any of it yet, as its for exhibition, so you will need to watch this space and The Girls website, Facebook, and blog for more information.
In the meantime amongst all the exhibition making, we have had time for a practical session, on making a felt ball....

It is fair to say that the pieces for The Girls include new to me techniques, I think its almost unrecognisable as mine when its compared to the work I've installed for Burnham Art Trail.
I set up my work in the space yesterday.  First time in a gallery/studio option. Most of this work is on a theme and in techniques which I enjoy.  I've gone back to Maps for the display.   Imagine my surprise when I finally opened an email to see that my image has been used to promote the Trail. (and credited)

This is in Venue magazine.  Its a free magazine for the Eastern Counties giving details of all kinds of arts events.  I've not been able to find a free copy yet, so not seen the article on paper.  However, I did collect a copy of the brochure, Essex Summer of Art, and another surprise when I came to this page and found.....

The images are from last year's Trail - the one on the bottom right is mine!  The piece is called Roundabout Rochford (well there are a few mini roundabouts in the town).  Its mono printed circles, with a hand stitched street plan on the top.

So with these major things now all resolved, its time to prep for the next Embroiderers' Guild meeting.  We are having a Skills Workshop and I'm showing the Members how to crochet.

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