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01 June 2011

Art Trails - Yes TWO!!!

I've been to check out my Venue (number 22) for Burnham Art Trail.  Click on the poster to enlarge.  It looks nice and easy to prepare for this year.  We've decided I will have the one wall on view as people walk in, so as to cause least disturbance to restaurant customers.  So displaying up to 5 pieces.  You can see my space via the restaurant website   Please check out the Trail website, for all participants and much more information, there is much more than just the displays to indulge in. Also this weekend received confirmation that I have a place in Rochford Art Trail.  A little way off - 22nd/29th October.  I don't have my venue as yet, as there is more paperwork to complete in this regard, but as soon as I do I will post it on the righthand side.  Juliet also has a place on the Trail.
So I guess I'd better find my mojo with all of these things in the pipeline (and more)

1 comment:

chocolatefrog said...

Well done, you're a star! Lovely to have 3 months between the two, and one right in the Xmas shopping zone.